Science Fiction Books - Project Genesis by J.L. Stowers


science fiction thriller, August 15, 2017

Global terrorism.
An uncertain future.
Can a cache of long lost documents save the world?

In a desperate move, the United States President arranges for his chief archaeologist to gain first access to the discovery of the century.

Belkis Finch heads to Egypt with his doting daughter and his granddaughter who has a thirst for knowledge that rivals his own. Together, they'll record the find in hopes that the past will lead us to a brighter future.

A dangerous man lurks in the shadows because discoveries like this don’t go unnoticed. The fun family adventure instantly takes a dangerous turn as he makes his move on the prize and all hell breaks loose.

If you enjoyed National Treasure you'll love this short story prequel to the Genesis Rising series.


The attacks have been carrying on for years now, continuously increasing in both intensity and frequency. Belkis turned from the television to look out the window. The view from the window of his suite was peaceful, but the terror on the television was very real beyond his field of vision. The formation of the new Global Peace Organization didn’t have an effect on anything in the real world. It came across more of a way for world leaders to feel like they were doing something rather than actually taking action. It was nearly the 22nd century; surely they should know how to get along by now.
Belkis turned away from the world and stepped into the bathroom. They were leaving in the morning, and he wanted to take a quick shower to spare the other passengers of his stench. The shower was always a time for Belkis to reflect on life, free from distractions and technology. The soothing water allowed his body to relax and his mind to wander freely.
He cranked the shower on and undressed, looking at his face in the mirror as the steam slowly fogged over his image. A smirk crossed his lips as the last bit of steam obscured his face. Even the most powerful men and women fade from the world.

The Cost of Survival

Book 1 of Genesis Rising

science fiction thriller, October 1, 2017

Survival isn’t who’s right; it’s who’s left.

Earth spirals into chaos, world war ravages every border, and the human race teeters on the edge of extinction. Humanity’s survival hinges on the success of government contractor Walt Marshall, and his ability to restore life to a decimated valley.

Walt’s job is to bring hope to thousands; a difficult assignment for a man who’s lost everything. During the mission, he finds evidence of atrocious acts committed by the very people sworn to protect human life. He sets off down a dangerous path of espionage and treason as he searches for answers. He must overcome his own dark history, and a ruthless dictator hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to ensure the survival of human kind—on his terms.

Learn more about The Cost of Survival in this riveting science fiction thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.


“Okay Walt,” Caitlyn was annoyed. There was no hiding it. “What is going on?”
“Something…” Walt trailed off as he checked inside each stall to make sure no one was lurking. “Something isn’t right.” He took Caitlyn’s hand and leaned into her, “I’m being watched,” he whispered cautiously into her ear. “Someone was in my room earlier, and the peephole on my door is reversed.”
The look on Caitlyn’s face morphed from annoyance to concern as she took Walt’s other hand in hers and whispered back, “Walt, I’ve felt it too. The Captain, she seems so… off. I saw you checking my door, was mine reversed too?”
“Yes!” Walt said, surprising himself with the volume of his own voice, he quickly hushed himself. “Yes, but the one down the hall was fine so I think it’s just us. This must have something to do with the journal I’m translating. That man in the cell, there were writings on the wall that matched the language from the book. He knows something about this place but I can’t get to him.”

Science Fiction Books - The Cost of Survival

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