J. L.

Science Fiction Author

Will the fight to preserve the human race be the end of our humanity?

Find out in The Cost of Survivial


The book draws you in right away! I liked that it was not over the top sci-fi and instead focused on the characters and storyline. I am now wishing the next book was out! I will be looking for the next book the minute it comes out.

Lisa Parziale

The Cost of Survival is a wonderful depiction of starting over on a new planet, including the struggle with power, resources, and food. I thoroughly enjoyed the twists in plot which keep you guessing as to what will happen next. The characters are a good mix of complicated and personable which make you care about the outcome of their planetary relocation. If you’re looking for a great series, you’ve just discovered it in this book.

Amy B Proebstel

At the end of humanity, what would you do to survive? Some were never meant to find out.



Science fiction and fantasy writer born and raised in Idaho.


For me, growing up in the desert of South Central Idaho was incredible. The desert's subtle beauty and quiet secrets inspired a number of tales throughout my life. Spending my childhood exploring fields of lava, caves, and great fishing holes offered me priceless time to reflect and imagine. It's where the first version of The Cost of Survival was born, among many other tales I've yet to tell.