A Space Opera Serial

The Ardent Redux Saga

Launch into a New Space Adventure!

Begin your journey into the Ardent Redux Saga with Vengeance Lost: Episode 1 and meet Captain Dani Devereaux.
Vengeance Lost - Ardent Redux Saga - Science Fiction Space Opera

Captain Dani Devereaux is quite possibly the most well-loved pilot in Galactic Conglomerate territory.
Instantly, her world is turned upside down when she faces the biggest decision of her career.
Dani's choice will change her self-confidence, the views of millions, and the intergalactic war itself.
But will it be for the better?

This series has been a blast to write. The characters really took on a life of their own and surprised me at every turn. I really hope the fans enjoy this universe becaue I'd love to stay in it a bit longer.

J. L. Stowers

The Ardent Redux Saga is a Rapid Release Space Opera Serial

Wait... what does rapid release mean?

Good news my friend! Rapid release means the books are released quickly, typically every month or less. In this case, they'll release twice monthly for the first four episodes (possibly six or more!).

That's neat! But why are you calling it a serial instead of a series?

Another fine question! A serial implies that the works are shorter. Rather than full length books, this space opera series is divided into bite size sections called "Episodes" just like a television show. Enjoy them one at a time or binge-read your heart out!

So I don't have to wait years between releases to find out what happens next?

Could you imagine if your favorite television series only released one episode every year? I couldn't do that to you! You'll be able to find out what trouble Dani and her crew get into in less than a month from the previous installment (check out the release schedule below!)

I love this idea! It's so hard to find time to sit down and read sometimes.

I completely agree! That's a big reason why I chose this format. With work and kids and hobbies and a social calendar it can be difficult to find time to pick up a book. I love quick books full of action, humor, and great characters so that's what I wanted to create for my fans.

Okay, what's the release schedule like?

I'm so glad you asked!


What if I want More of the Ardent Redux Saga?

I mean, five episodes sound great, but what if I want more?

Then leave a review! Reviews show me what my fans enjoy and that's where I like to focus my attention. I LOVE writing but I love giving my readers something more to enjoy.

Enough reviews and I'll put out a "second season" and keep the story going.

What if I want more about a specific character?

Let me know who your favorite characters are and maybe you'll see a spin-off down the road.

I already have two spin-offs planned for 2019 but I have a lot of fun with this series and if you're having fun too then I can make time for more.

Where can I get the first episode again?


Pick up Vengeance Lost HERE

Vengeance Lost - Ardent Redux Saga - Science Fiction Space Opera

Signed paperbacks are available within the US for $10 +tax

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