For the record, I received an Advanced Review Copy of this book with the request that I leave an honest review for other potential readers. That said, here is my honest opinion and review. What a great book. The plot of this story is totally complex and thrilling. Talk about incredible twists and turns, this one has them in spades and you don’t even see them coming. It is unfortunate that the events in this story are so plausible and have plagued our history. The characters are great, showing the best and the worst of people. One can really get behind them in their struggles to find out the truth and do the right thing. It is difficult to know who the real villain is right up until the end. I for one was rooting for the natives. The story was well written and easy to read. The pacing of the story really gets you going with all of the surprises. The loss of a main character is a surprise but not as shocking as it could have been since I read Game of Thrones. This book is well worth the time to read it. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.